Ways to Make The World A Better Place

altOne cursory look around and you can whiff a sense of pessimism all around. The world hardly inspires confidence and there rarely are things with which to romanticize with. We certainly deserve much better, and the world can certainly be a lot better provided we all do our bit. And believe you us; it’s damn easy!

MensXP lists ways you can improve the world with almost no effort. So embark on the journey to be a part of a much better world.

Just Smile

‘When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you’ is not just a song! Rather it’s a scientifically proven fact that smiling not only makes you feel better, but also those around you. Nothing in this world can claim to be more infectious than a smile. Be generous in spreading. And yes, it’s absolutely free.

Plant Flowers

Not only the times in which you live, this act of yours would go a long, long way in making the world a better place for future generation.

Donate Things You Don’t Use

After every once a while, we piled ourselves up with a hell lot of stuffs which are of hardly any use to us. They serve no other purpose other than occupying space. In a world where have-nots are more of a rule than exception, start donating these stuffs (including blood, at times). People in need would appreciate your gesture, and you would end up feeling much better.

Public Property = Private Property

We tend to be extra careful when it comes to our private property and extra negligent when it comes to public property. And then we waste no time in cribbing, either! Cultivate the habit of due diligence when it comes to public property, and witness a dramatic turnaround.

Smoking Etiquette

Better don’t, but if at all you have to, never smoke near others. Doing so reflects very poorly on you, and definitely doesn’t do any good to the world.

Adopt A Child

The number of under-privileged kids and orphanages are of humongous proportions. If your finances allow you, go and adopt a child. Your noble act would brighten up their lives, and lead to the betterment of the world way beyond imagination.

Just Be There

Lending your ear to someone in trouble is just magical. The person, who’s down-and-out, would feel much better after your patient hearing.

Encourage Others

Never miss an opportunity to boost the morale of others. Tell them what all you love about them, and see the spark in their eyes. And the world can certainly do a lot better with more and more motivated people, who feel good about themselves.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

If you haven’t yet, make this your life’s mantra. Be it your old phones, electronic gadgets or any damn thing, recycling does a whole world of good.

Thanks Others

Never feel shy when it comes to expressing your gratitude. Thanks them (and they can be anyone) and see the expression on their faces. Their sense of satisfaction would have a multiplier effect on GWP (Gross World Happiness).

Pamper Yourself

Last but not the least, self-indulgence is vital. Take time out and pamper yourself. It would leave you rejuvenated, and feeling much better.

Arm yourself with the noble intent and you can find new and better ways every day to make the world a better place. For now, start doing the above 10 and witness the magic all around.




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