What to Wear on a First Date

The first date and the first impression definitely cannot go wrong. And that comes from one’s self presentation, which includes clothing, etiquettes, grooming…everything.

It actually shows how seriously you have taken the whole affair of things and thereby shows respect for the person, to whom you are going to meet. Now, let’s see the dos and don’ts of this particular state ofaffairs. Essentially, be what you are. Don’t fake. It really works.

Wear what suits you and appeals to your body type and personality. Choose the color of your shirt which goes best with your skin tone. It’s safe. Remember, to show your other (wild and experimental) side in the followed frequent meetings, if everything goes fine hereafter. Be easy
on the eye. If you have been wearing glasses and on the day you try for the contacts, remember your eyes might take time to adjust and might cause discomfort. So avoid this hassle on the first date. Be your natural self. Or else try them, few days beforehand.

Just to be trendy, don’t wear a colour which does not suit your complexion. If wide legged bottoms are in and you are of short stature, avoid wearing them.Dress as per the occasion or venue of meeting. Unless you are going to an opera or a theatre, don’t try on a tie. It will look to dressy for a date. If out to a high end formal restaurant, you can sport a casual jacket with a smart polo or a crew neck inside. So that if you progress to a more relaxed zone, can knock off the jacket and still be a part of the occasion and enjoy the moments.

Can’t ignore the accessories. Your belt, your watch, your shoes and if you have a liking for any sort of jewellery. Coordinate your ensemble keeping in mind the occasion and the venue. Matching your belt with your watch, are like basic etiquettes of dressing. Don’t wear something snazzy or loud. Avoid wearing floaters. They are too casual.

Don’t wear anything with words written on them. Play safe with plain tees and shirts. After all, you never know if it might strike the wrong chord on the very first day Wear clothes that fit you to the ‘T’. Ill fitted clothes are non impressive.
However, they should not be body hugging. Kindly do not try to impress too hard on the very first day. Wear what makes you feel at ease and lets you move around in comfort. You should be free to perform various functions, eat, walk, dance, etc. Please do not fidget with your fly, belt, tuck of your shirt, constantly pulling your bottoms high up, as if they are slipping off. Avoid all this like a plague as they’re a definite turn off.

Don’t try to fit in something which is not your body size- too small or enormous.

Do not try the cologne too hard. Smell good but be gentle. Be careful with your choice of fragrance also. It should not pass off as a lady’s perfume. Keep the phone on silent. Don’t keep fumbling with your gadgets. It will pass on as, if do not much care the presence of the lady in front of you.

You should be well shaven and clean. Not many women appreciate the unshaven stubble look. Keep it for later. A french beard is one of the few looks, which some really find impressive; gives an intellectual appeal. Clip your fingernails and also your toe nails. Use the aftershave.
Wish you luck! (


Article by Narinder Kaur

Narinder Kaur is the Head of Fashion and Textile Design for Turtle Limited which entrusts upon her the responsibility of styling the apparel manufactured. With hands on experience in designing Narinder executes her job with utmost precision and thorough exclusivity.

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