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Eight-Track to Bluetooth: In-Car Entertainment’s History Unless you’re a gearhead who only listens to exhaust notes and engine sounds, you probably like a little entertainment while behind the wheel. And these days you have more choices than ever: music and podcasts and audiobooks on iPods or USB drives, streaming music

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Your Guide to Being Happy You want to be happy. We all want to be happy. But we know that we’re not happy all the time. So what’s really happening? Let’s face it; most of us are waiting for happiness to find us. Despite what fairy-tales might tell you, happiness does not

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Planet Wellness & Food Before you go for costly medical techniques and psychological therapies to give a boost to your sex life, you must give a try to some readily available aphrodisiac foods. This is a good way to rev up your sexual drive. Having a good time with your partner

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You might be the most acknowledged alpha male in your circle of friends but this doesn’t mean that you will never suffer from periods of lowered libido. Given our hectic schedules and the increasing industrial / environmental pollution we are being subjected to, our sexual health is bound to suffer at some time.

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Internet TV the future tv now We have, along with others been telling anyone willing to will listen, that internet tv is going to take over as the major media entertainment system of choice. But now, and finally i believe that the time for internet tv to smash into the mainstream is

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Chia-Samen: Superfood mit größter Wirkung  Die Samen der Chia-Pflanze (Salvia Hispanica), aus der Familie der Minze, gedeihen in Mexiko und Südamerika und waren bereits den Mayas und Azteken Hauptnahrungsquelle und probates Heilmittel. Die kleinen, grau-braun gesprenkelten Kügelchen handhabten die Indianer gern als „Kraftpakete“, z.B. als vollwertige energetische Zwischenmahlzeit für laufende

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