The Top 5 Aphrodisiacs Foods

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Before you go for costly medical techniques and psychological therapies to give a boost to your sex life, you must give a try to some readily available aphrodisiac foods.

This is a good way to rev up your sexual drive. Having a good time with your partner and at the same time indulging in aphrodisiac foods can give a tremendous boost to your libido. These foods rouse our pleasure senses and stimulate glands to enhance both male and female sexual performances.

Let’s explore some such exotic foods that work as natural stimulants to add that much-needed spice to your sex life:


It may be a cool fruit but multiple servings of watermelon everyday can add fireworks to your sex life. It is often called “natural Viagra.” Watermelons contain an amino acid called citrulline which aids blood vessel dilation and thus heightens sexual pleasure. It can also be used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) naturally.


It’s not for nothing that this exotic plant is also called “erotic asparagus.” It has the special quality of evoking a feeling of lust in both men and women. Ancient sexologists also advocated the use of asparagus for improving sex life. Back in 19th century, the prenuptial dinner for French bridegrooms included three servings of the juicy asparagus spears. Asparagus is ripe with potassium, fiber and vitamins like A, C, Folic Acid and Thiamine. Folic is one of the key substances which boost the production of histamine in the body which is necessary for the attainment of orgasm in both sexes.


And then we have chocolates, the good ol‘ aphrodisiac. They have been viewed as a symbol of love and passion for a long time. Some experts believe that women’s capacity of producing endorphins (chemicals which are produced by the pituitary gland hypothalamus during excitement) increases four-fold after they eat chocolates as compared to a passionate foreplay.


Garlic is once again a famous aphrodisiac. People have been consuming it for a long time for augmenting their sex drives. It works wonder for both men and women. Actually, garlic contains a chemical called allicin that increase blood flow to the sexual organs.


It doesn’t really have some really awesome aphrodisiac properties but it is indeed a sweet and seductive fruit. One can use it as a good alternative to chocolates to entice and pull your partner for a stormy sexual experience. (

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