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Brand Awareness through New Media

With today’s technology, there are a variety of affordable and viral ways to do business advertising without breaking your budget. However, you shouldn’t rely only on classic media but invest in high-tech advertising methods like streaming media, social networking, and email campaigns. This is because you run the risk of missing markets where potential consumers still rely on and trust only traditional marketing methods.
Considering this, it makes sense to use a combination of traditional and modern day business advertising to promote your product or service. Let’s look at some of the ways businesses do this today.

Brand Awareness is one of the goal of successful advertising. Developing brand awareness can be somewhat complex but in simple terms it means advertising so that a brand is among the first to be recalled in a consumer’s mind. However, it’s not just about exposing consumers with your brand everywhere they look or go. It is actually a mix of visual recognition plus what consumers expect out of the brand. In other words, if they recognize a brand and automatically know how it benefits them then there is a greater likelihood that they will buy it without much thought. Of course there are other influences such as cultural but for the most part a marketer wants a brand to stir up a positive (and automatic) emotional response in a consumer.

Continuing with the old and new advertising mix, mobile handheld devices are an increasingly popular trend today. This is because the consumer is not tied down to a computer and can see an advertisement anywhere. Mobile device advertising allows a business to change messages quickly and cost effectively. However, one of the problems with this type of marketing is that some view it as nothing but spam so you should not rely on this method only.
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Internet media advertising is effective when it engages the customer and provides something of value. One popular form of internet media advertising today is through the use of video sharing sites. Keep in mind that video sharing is more than just making something like a television commercial on the internet. The most successful videos that promote brand recognition are also those that provide valuable information. Consumers are more likely to buy a brand when they can get all the information they need to make a choice. For example, a business trying to sell products to learn a new language can offer free lessons through video sharing sites while at the same time displaying its brand.

Traditional marketing reaches those who don’t have the convenience of the internet. Face it, not everyone is looking at their mobile phones and personal digital assistants each hour of the day. So, you should still use proven methods like television, fliers, bumper stickers, magazine ads, and billboards. Television continues to be a very effective way of reaching people because people watch it to fill leisure time.

It is not all about getting new customers but also keeping loyal ones. The best way to do this is through customer loyalty programs. Customer loyalty programs can be used in both traditional and online marketing. Simply put, they are programs that give some type of reward (something like a discount, coupon, or rebate) to customers in exchange for their return business. While loyalty programs are a traditional marketing method, they can be promoted through online methods such as an opt-in email program.

What is the best marketing mixture for your business? There is an array of variables to evaluate in order to answer this question. It depends on your target market, product/service, and competition. Plan your marketing mix by including both the old ways as well as the new ways and tap upon the strengths of both.

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