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Business Man Guide: Unhook A Bra With One Hand

unhook bra

The art and science of taking off your girls bra takes some amount of luck and a lot of practice to master. If she finds out that you are useless when it comes to unhooking the doors to her treasures, chances are that she might start thinking that you will struggle in bed as well.

Therefore, it’s really important for you guys to master the art of taking off a girl’s bra stealthily and smoothly.

Back Clasping Bras

As back clasping bras are by far the most common types worn by women, your fingers should always proceed there by default. Back clasping bras can be quite difficult to unhook as there’s no way you can see where your fingers are moving. The clasping system can have either one, two or three clasps that hook into the eyelets that are fixed on the other strap. To unclasp a bra, you need to release the hooks that are attached to the eyelets. There are several different tactics to do this. While the two handed method is the easiest, it can only be done if you and your partner are sitting face to face. So let’s discuss the very artful single handed method.
The single handed method is a lot more complicated than using both hands, for the simple reason that often you can only afford to use just one hand to do the job. So carefully read these Xpert tips to ensure that you don’t frown and fumble the next time when you are faced with an implacable bra.

  •  Assuming that you are facing her, take one hand behind her underneath her clothing.
  • Then slide your index finger from top between the bra and back, so that your nail is actually facing her skin.
  • Using your index finger gently pull the straps of her bra from her back, thereby creating a smallish gap between her back and the bra.
  • Then, use your middle finger and your thumb to squeeze the bra inwards. Once you have done this, remove the index finger.
  • Now move the thumb outwards and the middle finger inwards in a snapping motion, which just pull the eyelets out of the hooks.
  • And you are done. It’s a little tricky, so make sure that you practice this method a few times before trying it on your girl.

Front Clasping Bras

The front clasp, as shown in the illustration, isn’t all that difficult to undo, but because they aren’t as common as back clasping bras, they can be a tad difficult to identify. So when your fingers start exploring your girl’s back for those elusive clasps and you aren’t able to locate them, then don’t take too long to figure out that she probably prefers wearing front clasping bras. Though the fastening system in these bras tends to vary, the one shown in the illustration is by far the most common among them. It basically has a plastic hook going through the eyelet of the second strap.

Removing front clasping bras stealthily is hardly possible because of the simple reason that they are right there in front of you. You can easily use both your hands to remove these bras, once you have understood how this system works. Just grab each clasp with one hand and pull them towards each other, unlatching the clasp. Gently twist the plastic clasp by ninety degrees that would allow it to move out of the eyelet. And Voila!

Single Handed Method

Opening front clasping bra with one hand, though its possible can be really very tricky and you may end up embarrassing yourself and your partner. If you are still keen on unhooking front-clasped bras using just one of your hands, our advice is basically to practice on front end bras and come up with your own technique.

No Handed Method

One of the most exciting ways of opening a girl’s bra is do it without using yours hands at all. Give your girl a good strong hug and then gently tilt her to a side. The trick is know which side the hooks are attached. So if you tilt her to the left side and the hooks are on the right, it just won’t open.

While opening a woman’s bra can be tricky and discomforting for men unaccustomed to dealing with garments with hooks and clasps, these Xpert tips will go a long way in aiding the process. But, if you still aren’t able to succeed, just ask your girl to do it by herself. Watching her strip for you is a treat in itself.

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