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How to Master LinkedIn

Of all the social networking sites, the one that has truly allowed people to take their professional circles seriously is LinkedIn.It has also allowed them to connect, interact, share and benefit from these connections. But as it happens, for a newbie, who has just stepped into the world of LinkedIn, it is important to know what the various possibilities of this tool are. So, let’s see how to go about mastering LinkedIn:


Have a Catchy Headline

To begin with, the headline to your profile must talk about what you do as a professional, but don’t make it sound dry. Don’t go overboard either. Make it impactful, yet leaving people with a desire to know more about your professional path.

Improve Connections

With LinkedIn, opportunities exist aplenty to mingle more and make new acquaintances. So, don’t shy away. Go ahead and meet new people virtually. Connect with people you have done business with, worked with or shared any other form of professional contact with.

Update Status

Frequent status updates show that you are there and very active too. This also reflects as your agile and engaging nature. Companies like that. Moreover, you can stay in touch with those in your network with useful information, ideas or queries, by regularly posting an update.

Check Who Checked You

This is a good thing about LinkedIn: you come to know who paid you a visit. So, go check out and see if you would like to join or have a professional connection with the person or organisation and decide.

Follow More

Following a company or brand of your interest on LinkedIn helps. Their updates and openings get registered on your list of updates and news feed, which you can hugely benefit from.

Invite Others

Inviting people you know to join your professional circle on LinkedIn is a good idea. Connect with more people so that you also have the option to connect with their contacts and connections.


Join the groups you like on LinkedIn and participate in the interactive discussions on them to increase your visibility. You will also find yourself learning a lot from this activity.

Enhance Your Profile

Add variety to your profile by talking about your interests, achievements and collaborations so far. Update your latest resume, add a picture and your educational background. Make sure you add the details of each organisation you have worked with along with the skill sets you possess.

Do not Spam

It is advised not to send anonymous invitations to random people. They might report against you and your profile could be terminated.

Recommend and Get Testified

Recommend people who have contributed professionally in your life. In return, request for testimonials to add to your credibility.

By following the above suggestions, you can change your baby steps into LinkedIn to strides in no time.

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