Mobile Media Marketing: Coffee Campaign Lets You Be a Baseball Star

Coffee Campaign Lets You Be a Baseball Star

Ever wanted to feature on your very own baseball players card? The new campaign from popular canned coffee brand Roots now lets you do just that. Attempting to appeal to the rugged, male audience, JT have produced the new campaign featuring a baseball team made up of what they consider “real men”.


The nine players who make up the team are, amongst others, construction workers, postal delivery men and welders….think a slightly less camp, Japanese, Village People! Each player has their own baseball card and visitors to the site get the chance to join the team and make their own card which they can then download, use as their Twitter avatar or upload to Facebook.


The process is pretty simple, users upload a face shot from their computer and it is attached to a randomly generated card onto the body of a new player. The card also features your stats including your new salary and your main appeal as a player. Linking directly to Twitter and Facebook means that your new look and profession is sent out to your friends and followers straight away. This kind of use of social networks in campaigns has really taken off in Japan now and is a chief marketing tool, with over 16million users and the number one user of Twitter in Asia ahead of Indonesia and India. Taking it one step further it would have been cool to have seen some way in which a league could have been set up and virtual card trading and voting could have taken place as well.

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