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Your Style can Change Your Life

The smart guy in the loose shirt and baggy trousers goes unnoticed and the dumb flirt in the well-fitted jeans and smart Benetton t-shirt attracts attention. This is not the scene from a high-school/college campus. This is the scene from everyday life. If you present yourself well, you will flourish. If not, the contrary will happen.

1. Well-fitted clothes

The fit and form of your clothes will enhance your personality. Many people think that buying expensive clothes reflects well on them. The truth be told, it is not the money that matters, it is the fit and texture that does. Buy clothes that suit your body type and enhance your assets. Dressing sharply, and smartly will impact how people treat you.

2. Grooming

If clothes will add to your personality, then grooming yourself will add five stars to it. A good haircut, trimmed beard or shaven look, well manicured nails, a good posture are all important to make you look like a charming, well groomed man. Grooming yourself will encourage people to talk to you and take you seriously.

3. Fit body

Style goes beyond fashion and comfortably enters into the fitness zone. A fit body, coupled with a well groomed appearance and an expensive looking wardrobe will greatly alter your life for the good. 30 mins of exercise per day is good to keep you fit and healthy. Stick to the basics and rotate your exercise routine. This will help you feel good about yourself and this inner feeling of happiness will reflect in your interactions with others.

4. Accessories

A good watch, a smart pair of sunglasses, a rich pair of cufflinks – these are simple accessories but they can add a great lot to your look. Teaming a well-fitted suit with the right cufflinks or wearing the right sporty glares on a sunny day out will get others to see how well turned out you are.This will reflect on you as someone who has good taste, is well-bred and a true global citizen.

The changes we have mentioned above are small and trivial. But the impact they can have is huge and lasting. People notice these subtle things and it is these things that play a huge role in establishing your image in the minds of people. Therefore, change your style and see how it changes your life changes for the better. (


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