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Even though looks are definite assets in the game of seduction, they won’t take you too far if the all essential chick magnet is missing from your personality. The Player here is talking about body language. Believe The Player when he says this: Women are actually ten times better than men at reading non verbal gestures or body language. While you might have heard this exact same thing from other personality/dating gurus, I am pretty sure they didn’t go into how this piece of information can affect your chances with women.

Have you ever walked up to a girl and started a conversation but realised that no matter what you said, you just couldn’t get her attention. It was as if she created a shield around herself like the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four that you couldn’t break with your words.

What if I told you that one of the reasons for your failure with women might be your body language?

In fact, recent researches indicate that 90% of all communication is body language. This basically means that it’s not so much the words that you say, but how you say them that matters.

It is not what you say; it is how you say it!

As women are more intuitive than men are, they can instantly pick up on things that might have taken you several weeks or months to notice. The first few minutes of interaction enable her to read deeper into your personality than you could have possibly imagined. So while you might be saying all the right things – things that she actually wants to hear from you, your words fail to convince her at a deeper level because you body language is conveying the exact opposite.

If you are repeatedly failing to attract beautiful women in your life, that’s probably because there are a number of things that need to be changed in the way you carry, hold and present yourself.

Listed below are some of the most common body language blunders that that get in the way of men as they try to portray their high value to a woman.

Body Language Mistakes:

  • Leaning in towards the woman while talking.
  • Blinking too fast.
  • While sitting, resting one’s arms between the legs.
  • Not standing or sitting erect instead slouching while talking or when walking.
  • Fast jerky movements
  • Talking too fast
  • Leaning on one leg thereby not having a level posture.

Body Language Solutions:

  • Whether you are sitting or standing, always lean back while talking.
  • Try to lower your blink rate.
  • Instead of resting your arms between your legs, put them on the arm rest or just put one of them behind. Anything that doesn’t suggest that you are appearing for an interview.
  • Keep your posture straight and balanced (no leaning on one leg), but always confident and relaxed.
  • Slow down all your movements.
  • If you are a habitually fast talker, practice talking slower. Listen to your words when you say them. Another effective trick is to break mid sentence for a second – this break in your speech will give greater effect to your words.

Wussy body language = No sense of self worth

Observe a few of your friends when they are around women. Those who are good with women – the Naturals, will, unconsciously or consciously, display all the right body language vibes which are instantly picked up by woman. That’s the secret to their success.

It’s really easy to see why some guys aren’t successful with women. Most of these guys try so hard to impress the girls they like that their body language makes them come across as complete wussies. This sends a very powerful signal to the woman that these men lack the qualities that turn her on – namely confidence and a sense of worth.

Practice as much as you can

If you want to improve your chances with women, then instead of surfing the net looking for corny pick up lines, start working on your body language. Correct those disastrous wussy-boy body language signals that you have been sending across.

You can start off by doing some simple body language exercises. Try walking taller. Instead of looking down or avoiding a person’s gaze, start looking straight at people while talking to them. Consciously try to stand and sit erect while exuding an air of nonchalance and relaxed confidence. Speak slower and practice breaking in between a sentence.

Once you have imbibed these positive body language traits, you will start noticing subtle but definite changes in the behaviour of other people towards you. So now that you are done reading through this article, start putting my suggestions into practice because the sooner you do it the faster your life will change.
Good Luck!

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