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Sleeping Positions & Your Personality

What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Sleep Position Says About YouWhether you like to curl up on your side or lie ’spread-eagle‘ across the bed on your back, experts believe the position you like to sleep in can reveal some telling signs. Identifying the most common sleep positions – the foetus, yearner, log, solider, starfish and freefall – Idzikowski also believes that the awkward sleep positions we get ourselves into, can have an impact on our health – both good and bad.
„Those who curl up in the foetus position are described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. They may be shy when they first meet somebody, but soon relax. The foetus is the most common sleeping position, with women more likely to adopt this position than men.“

Foetus, log and yearner – „Invariably the side position is generally regarded as best for health, though advice going back to Greek times, or found in Yoga scripts is to lie on the right so that you’re not putting pressure on the heart. However, some medieval texts suggested that half of sleep time should be spent on the right and the other half on the left.“

Starfish and Soldier – „These poses involve sleeping on the back which tends to increase snoring and more serious problems with breathing, as well as stomach reflux and curiously with sleep paralysis (waking up in the morning paralysed and being unable to move for a few seconds)“. „Lying on your back with both arms up around the pillow. These sleepers make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed. They generally don’t like to be the centre of attention.


Freefall – „This position is best for digestion as lying down flat means that stomach contents can more readily be worked back up into the mouth, while those who lie on their back may end up snoring and breathing less well during the night.“ „Lying on your front with your hands around the pillow, and your head turned to one side. Often gregarious and brash people, but can be nervy and thin-skinned underneath, and don’t like criticism, or extreme situations.“

Now, identify your sleep position from the descriptions below to find out if Professor Idzikowskia’s personality analysis rings true.

Soldier „Lying on your back with both arms pinned to your sides. People who sleep in this position are generally quiet and reserved. They don’t like a fuss, but set themselves and others high standards.“
 „People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front are said to have an open nature, but can be suspicious, cynical. They are slow to make up their minds, but once they have taken a decision, they are unlikely ever to change it.“
„Lying on your side with both arms down by your side. These sleepers are easy going, social people who like being part of the in-crowd, and who are trusting of strangers. However, they may be gullible.“
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