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Waking Up Easier in the Morning

lounge radio global lounge radio lounge webradio chillout webradioDoes the thought of crawling out of bed at an unearthly hour give you the creeps? Do you battle with the alarm clock every morning and make the poor device suffer the brunt of your animo-sity? However, do you still crave to know the secret of being able to wake up early without this daily dilemma? Then, read on.

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Yes, this age-old adage holds true, and can be easily practiced by all. A good night’s sleep, after all, is the biggest secret behind rising early. Make sure you set a time, say 10 pm, to wind up your day’s work and rituals. Do not delay this at any cost. Practice this for a few days and you will see your routine falling into place.

2. Eating Right, and on Time

Skipping breakfast, eating a late lunch, hurriedly tossing in a few bites at dinner, and to top it all, snacking on oily tit-bits – all these are potions that lead to the ruin of a routine. This is even worse if that routine happens to be your sleep cycle. So, make sure you set a timetable for yourself. Have your meals at the appropriate, and if possible, self-assigned time every day. Adhere to this very strictly. Make sure you eat dinner at least a couple of hours before you hit the bed. If possible, take a walk after your meal.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise keeps the body feeling fit and energised through the day, helping you stay more efficient at work. It also helps build your appetite, so that you eat the required amounts at meal-time. Moreover, it offers a right dosage of tiredness to help shut your eyes at the right time every night. A jog, brisk walk, hour at the gym, aerobics in your bedroom, a half-hour swim, or any other form of exercise that you prefer, can do justice to your routine and help you sleep better.

4. Party Less

Late nights, parties and eating out cause the body to burn fat at a slower rate and not get the appropriate amount of rest that it needs. Moreover, it disturbs the daily routine and sleep patterns. Obviously, if you sleep late, you are bound to wake up late as well. In case you do attempt to wake up early, you are likely to feel groggy and lacking energy. Keep partying strictly to the weekend. Avoid late nights as much as possible. If you must, let your friends and family know you need to be excused since you need to wake up early. Of course, this should be done in a manner that you do not offend anyone!

5. Bid Stress Adieu

Stress can be a killer. It not only makes you feel low and depressed, it even disturbs food and sleep patterns. Practice yoga or meditation to keep your mind calm. Avoid carrying work home, and your personal problems to the workplace. These can be deadly mixtures!

While there are numerous excuses that might keep you from waking up early, the above list may help if you genuinely wish to make it as an early riser!

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