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Top 7 Beach Party Destinations

Spain Top Holiday Destination

1) Ibiza, Spain

Known as the party capital of the Mediterranean, Ibiza is the virtual Mecca of the world club scene. From early spring to late autumn, thousands of ravers from every corner of the globe are spotted on the beaches of Ibiza, sipping a fancy cocktail and dancing all night long to the newest and loudest of house music. One word of advice, if your next party destination is the beaches of Ibiza, book your tickets and make your reservations in advance, way advance!


2) South Beach, Miami

One of the most hip and exclusive party destinations of the U.S, the clubs of South Beach Miami, means an endless queue and a surly unsympathetic

bouncer blocking your entrance to the word of hedonism. Partying on the South Beach depends largely on the connections that you have, so always bring your A game when want to party in Miami. That said, South beach is the ultimate glossy scene and boasts much more than its raucous nightlife- namely the art, culture and architecture!

Israel Gordons Gordons Beach

3) Gordon Beach, Israel

Tel Aviv in Israel has some 16 odd beaches to choose from, out of which Gordon beach is the place to be – the epicentre of the beach party scene. It is

also famous for its boisterous LGBT parties during the Gay Pride Week. This Middle Eastern city has some of the most vibrant nightlife the world has to offer. Not only do the nightclubs of Tel Aviv are open till the crack of dawn, it also admittedly plays the most quirkiest and unheard of music in the electronic genre.

Philippines Boracay

4) Boracay, Philippines

There was a time when not many people knew about the white beaches of Boracay. The island was so notorious for its outrageous parties and

hedonistic nightlife that the regular visitors were sworn to secrecy to maintain exclusivity. Quite understandably, as soon as word got, the beach was and still is thronged by millions of holidaymakers. This exotic and picturesque destination is definitely the place to be.

Australia Surfers Paradise

5) Surfers Paradise, Australia

As the name suggests, Surfers Paradise is a meeting point for globetrotters, surfers, backpackers, migrants and students. However, that doesn’t mean

that the night revelry is subdued, rather it’s quite thrilling; which means you have a chance to surf, enjoy the amazing beaches and party all night in a relaxed environment as well. For a holistic beach party experience, go, visit Surfers Paradise!

Nikki Beach Spain

6) Nikki Beach, Spain

The rich and famous descent on Spain’s glamorous Marbella, each year for the resort’s main party -the White party. Hosted to mark the beginning of the

summer season, the White party, which takes place at Nikki beach, is the place to see and to be seen. Upscale and grandeur, the place very religiously follows the champagne spraying ritual. Of course, it’s a themed party with the dress code as strictly white.

Goa India

7) Goa, India

Goa, very rightly, is the Ibiza of Asia. It’s a unique blend of East-meets-West, where the party scene is feverish, accommodations are dirt cheap and fun

is in abundance. It’s also known for is bonfire fuelled parties and a unique experience called as ‘silent noise parties’ where visitors don headphones and dance the night away to their own soundtrack. Indeed fascinating!

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