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Is Astrology a science?

Is Astrology a science?

THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS yes – and no. Astrology, like medicine, is an art based on a science.

ASTROLOGY, HOWEVER, IS GROUNDED in a profoundly holistic view. Astrologers believe that all things in our universe are intimately and deeply connected. Th e world, as we see and experience it, is a great deal more like a being than a thing. Th e world and its inhabitants are linked, like a body and its cells: the wellbeing of the one depends equally and mutually upon the wellbeing of the other. Th e spiritual side of astrology connects us consciously to the intentions of this world-being and how they apply to our lives as we live them. Th e art of astrology lies, at the most profound levels, in the meaningful interpretation of powerful symbols. Th rough making sense of a range of apparently chaotic and unrelated events, astrology in the right hands shows how these events relate directly to us and generate the daily experiences of our lives.

The Sacred Science

ASTROLOGY IS A SACRED science. Its disciplined study reveals the right path by revealing the turnings of the wheel of life. To act as the Heavens reveal is to take right action, acknowledging the sacred in each moment. Some come to the art of astrology knowing these truths. Others come, fearful that somehow their lives will be taken over. However, if we put aside such fears, then astrology is one means, one of many, by which the greater truths are revealed. If we live in accord with their behest, we can experience a liberation of spirit through the knowledge that we fulfi l our part in the patterns of the sacred dance.

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