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How to Avoid Whiteheads

Natural skin oils, sebum and natural dead skin collaborate on unnatural eruptions that clog pores and can even even trap hair follicles. While the process of remo-ving them differs from removing the common pimple, dermatologists advise simple tips to avoid whiteheads, a daily skin regimen to prevent the accumulation of hardened sebum (oil) in your pores.

If the pores (with the oil inside it!) closes up, trapped skin bacteria erupts in the form of a whitehead. Due to such icky skin conditions, whiteheads are part of blackheads, pimples and acne combo.

Wash your Face
Not just your regular soap or facewash, but with products formulated for your skin type, and with salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids to unclog pores. Wash your face twice a day to prevent dirt, skin oil and pollution debris, using small circular motions

Twice a week, you should exfoliate your skin after washing with lukewarm water. Use light, circular motions, focussing on problem areas (forehead, nose and cheeks). A gentle exfoliating cream with small particles will also encourage newer, smoother and healthier skin cells. Wash with cold water afterwards to seal your pores.

Exfoliate to balance out the moisture you’ve lost due to exfoliation.

Steam Your Skin

Applying steam to your skin opens clogged pores and can also soften skin. While skin steamers are commercially available for this purpose, you can also stand or sit over apot of steaming water (take it off the flame first!), and cover your the back of your head and neck with a towel to focus steam on your face. Stand at a safe distance to avoid splash burns.


Eat Skin Healthy Foods
A skin-healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables. Foods high in fat can increase whiteheads due to the oil and fat they introduce into the body. Also avoid greasy and fried foods.

Drink Enough Water
Water flushes out excess oil and toxins from the the bloodstream. Tea and coffee don’t count – they are diuretics. Coke also doesn’t count. Also compensate with extra hydration for when you are outdoors, and participating in intense activity.

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