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Refrigerator: Alway`s must have Foods

Visiting malls/super-markets and shopping for food is among the most common of activities we pursue and worrying forour health and seeking ways to improve it is among the commonest of interests we share. These two aspects come together when you need to decide the kind of foods that should be always present in your fridge. This basically points towards foods that should always be on your food shopping list. This list includes:

Low Fat or Skimmed Milk

Yeah, it doesn’t sound much interesting but milk remains one of the best sources ofnatural calcium. If you don’t add too much sugar to it and combine it with some wholegrain cookies, you have created the most nutritious, any-time snack. Choose low fat variety to keep down your cholesterol levels. You need milk for making tea too which is a pleasurable and healthy beverage. If you need to pile on the calories after a serious workout, use milk for making shakes like banana shakes. You need it for your cornflakes too. Having reasonable amounts of calcium and vitamins, milk remains your perennial friend, suited for immediate usage throughout the year.

Milk Products: Yogurt & Cottage Cheese

It is not just milk that you need in the fridge, i.e. you need some milk products like cottage cheese and yogurt too. These are your safest sources of protein along with providing essential nutrients like zinc, riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B12, iodine, phosphorus and trace elements like molybdenum. Irrespective of your age, yogurt is the best probiotics that should be consumed on a daily basis. Have a few raw or poached pieces of cottage cheese if you are a diehard vegetarian to ensure you get your daily quote of calcium and protein.

Cannot Ignore ‘Dem Eggs

No health expert in the world can argue the worth of eggs in your diet. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, whenever you are short on food or need that protein fix without too many calories, just scramble some eggs. Boasting of nature’s purest forms of protein,eggs are easy to make and offer so many variations. Whip yourself omelets, scrambled eggs with cheese or boil them hard. Every form of egg is surprisingly different and is packed with nutrients including essential vitamins like A, D and K.

Green Veggies & Tomatoes

Spinach, broccoli or cabbage—green vegetables are recommended to people of all ages to lower their cholesterol levels and ensure daily intake of essential nutrients. You need your daily, basic dose of antioxidants to defy aging-inducing free radicals. These are provided by vegetables and tomatoes. Tomatoes also contain immunity boosterslike lycopene. Tomatoes are also an essential flavoring and basic preparatory food item, used in making salads, sandwiches and various dishes. When combined together, veggies and tomatoes along with some fruits make tasty and healthy juices and soups.

Fresh Fruits: Raw or Juiced

You hear it all the time but probably don’t pay attention to it—fresh fruits should be an integral part of your daily food intake. If you have them in your fridge, you are more likely to eat them. If eating raw fruits seems too demanding, get sugar-free fruit juices. Try to combine a variety of fruits, including the apples, peaches and blackberries along with citrus fruits like oranges and pineapple. Fruits provide fiberthat defines the overall efficiency of your digestive system. Fresh fruit juices are perfect for answering those sugar cravings or sudden hunger pangs that often hit you.

Lemon for Vit C Fix

We need vitamin C for keeping our immunity sharp, skin healthy and ensuring that critical psychological functions are properly executed. Further, lemon juice has a tangy flavor that is the best way to make your food more interesting. You need it for your salads, sandwich fillings, herbal teas and refreshing homemade beverages.

Besides these, ensure you have some form of whole-grain bread. During emergency cooking or late-night snacking, preparing a quick sandwich with some of the ingredients listed above helps to avoid snacking on calorie-loaded fast food item.


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